What can a westerner expect from traveling to Northeast India? It is the land of the Himalayas,  tribal villages, rice growers and tea plantations, where Indians and people of Burmese and Tibetan descent reside in traditional villages and towns. For the photographer Judith Lanius, the engagement with people in the varied terrain and cultures of the region deepens and enriches the journey. In momentary and intimate encounters, her meditative portraits capture revealing expressions and gestures. From her vision, we experience profound emotions from people in reflection or movement. Her ability to make connections across language and cultural boundaries radiates from the images. The collected photographs provide rare insights into the unknowable mystery of India.

$45  Encountering the Journey: Limited edition, large format, embossed clothbound with jacket, 13 x 11.25 inches; full color, sixty-eight pages, thirty color photographs; published May 2013 by Hidden Leaves, ISBN: 978-0-615-76412-2; book design: McEver Design.

The book is available at select bookstores and online at JHLP Purchase.